Helping your four-legged friends stay hydrated is of great significance for their overall wellness.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Does Your Cat Need a Water Fountain?
Cats are natural hunters, and they find moving water more attractive and exciting. However, due to the possibility of water containing harmful contaminants, a cat's instinct may tell him that consuming standing water is not safe.

Therefore, cats prefer drinking moving water from a tap or dipping their paws in water, setting it in motion. Your cat will be more interested in drinking if his drinking water moves.
How Much Water Should a Cat Drink a Day?
The general rule is that a cat should drink about 50 mL of water per kg of body weight every day. If you have a 4-5kg cat, it needs 200-250 mL of water daily. The water may be in the form of “free water” from liquids and food, or as “oxidation water,” a product of metabolism.
Why Your Cats Do Not Drink Water?
Typically, there are two issues that lead to cats refusing to drink water, including congenital and acquired nature. Cats who have relatives with desert area origins may develop something known as “desert stomach.” Over time, these types of cats gradually adapt to environments deficient in water. When you have a hypersensitive cat, water bowls may lead to drinking water issues.
When Should You Get an Automatic Water Fountain for Your Cat?
You can detect these situations by watching out for certain behaviors listed as follows: the presence of a chronic medical condition; continuous attempt by your cat to get a drink from the faucet or to lick up the water in the shower after you are done; batting at the water in a dish with a paw and then settling in to drink it; becoming sad on spotting water in their bowl. Your cat may not drink the water in her bowl because she is upset that the water is not moving.