PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain

PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain

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About this item
  • Pure Water - The cat fountain’s efficient NSF-certified filter results from a collaboration with global famous water purification brand. It keeps impurities, residual chlorine, and odors out of the water via an 8-stage filtration process that improves the taste.
  • Mobile Device - The wireless cat fountain has a 5000 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts 70 days. This allows you to place the pet drinking fountain wherever you want to meet your pet’s needs and ensures no wire bites.
  • Smart Function - Using infrared induction, the wireless cat water fountain stimulates your pet’s interest in drinking. The pet drinking fountain’s smart reminders for water shortage, cleaning, and filter replacement make healthy pet drinking a breeze.
  • Safe Hydration - The pet water fountain for cats adopts an innovative water-electricity separation design -- external water pump, to ensure safe drinking for your pets. The pet drinking fountain’s removable structure makes disassembling and reassembling easy while cleaning.
  • Customer Care - Our pet product experts are always available to help you and your pets. Kindly send in your questions via phone, e-mail, or chat. This automatic cat water fountain also comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy and a 1-year limited warranty.
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PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
Battery-operated Mode
NSF-certified Filter
UV Sterilization
Drinking Report
Water-electricity Separation
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain
70-Day Battery Life
5000mAh rechargeable battery
No biting on wires
70-Day Battery Life
A Breeze to Clean
A Breeze to Clean
Disassembly takes just 5 seconds
*Please note that the smart weighing base and the external water pump are not designed to be washed in water.
3 Ways to Hydrate Your Pet
Inductive mode
Regular mode (1x dispensing per hour)
Manual mode
*The 3 modes exist simultaneously.
3 Ways to Hydrate Your Pet
Greet Your Pet with More Safety
Greet Your Pet with More Safety
Water-electricity separation design
Whisper-quiet 30dB Water Pump
Whisper-quiet 30dB Water Pump
68oz Water Holder
68oz Water Holder
Anti-slip Silicone Pad
Anti-slip Silicone Pad
Connecting Mode
10.6*5.7*6 inches
68oz / 2L
Built-in Battery
5,000 mAh lithium-ion battery
Rated Voltage
Ultraviolet Light Type
1.9lb / 0.85kg
PAWAii Automatic Pet Feeder
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any difference between this pet fountain and a common pet fountain?
With an external water pump, this fountain can really achieve water-electricity separation, keeping your pets safe during drinking. Besides, its battery-operated mode allows you to place it anywhere your pets always hang around, thereby meeting different drinking habits of pets easily.
How long does the fountain last after a full charge of this 5,000 mAh battery?
A maximum of 70-day endurance could be achieved during normal use. While in actual use, the endurance of the fountain will vary slightly depending on the number of pets you feed, the drinking habits of your pets, etc.
Can I use the fountain in a plug-in state in case I forget to charge it?
Of course. This fountain comes with a USB Type-C cable, which can ensure you to continuously use it in the plug-in mode.
How to maintain this fountain?
In order to keep your pet healthy, we recommend that you clean the fountain every week and replace the filter on a monthly basis to ensure that your pet can always have access to clean water. The fountain does not require additional maintenance and can work normally on a stable surface. Please do not expose the device to an environment of high temperature and high humidity.
I often go away on business. How many days can this fountain cover my cat?
When filled with water, the fountain can ensure at least a 7-day supply for a cat of normal size.
Can I use it outdoors?
This fountain can be used in the porch area. To get the best work performance, it is not recommended to use it outdoors.
What is NSF certification?
NSF (NSF International) was founded in 1944 as the National Sanitation Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that sets a course to create independent standards, product testing, and certification programs in the field of public health. Water quality & safety certification standards developed by NSF are taken as the leading industry standards.

Customer Reviews

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Wireless fountain

Great product so far! Easy to setup and clean, quiet and cats have been using it regularly after a few days of hesitation.

my cats love it

if my cats are happy, i’m happy!

Bernadette Cunningham

PAWAii Wireless Pet Water Fountain

Daniela Hoffmann
My cats love it!

I have a collection of fountains. This one is the winner for my cats.

Lisa Y.
Love it

This is the first water fountain my cat has actually uses. It's perfect