Connecting Fur Families Everywhere.
PAWAii elevates the bonds between you and your pets with earnest experiences. Life as a pet parent should be filled with delight, so we design streamlined pet care experiences that revolve around maximizing quality for value and stress-free simplicity.
We are family-oriented
There’s nothing like having a pet welcome you home as soon as you walk through the door. Pets have long since evolved from their historical role as companions – they have taken up permanent residence in the hearts and families of people everywhere. Caring for pets makes us better people, and the empathy and interaction that derives from these relationships bring joy and satisfaction to our daily lives.
It’s no surprise that people only want the best for their pets but that doesn’t mean humans shouldn’t be considered when it comes to designing pet gear. For PAWAii, pet gear and gadgets are a bridge between person and pet so naturally, both parties should enjoy the experience. Even the simple act of helping a dog into a harness is just like giving him or her a quick hug before heading out for a walk. The “handshake” is also one of the first skills a pet owner teaches to establish the fur family connection, placing a pets’ hand in theirs as a symbol of trust and recognition. It’s intimacies like this that inspire us to design pet products that bring fur families closer together.
We design to delight
Pets and their families are at the heart of everything PAWAii does. We shine a spotlight on designing detail-oriented experiences, whether it’s from the perspective of the pet or their entire family. To build the ideal pet lifestyle, each touchpoint with PAWAii is crafted to exceed expectations in quality and comfort, leaving you free to focus on enjoying every minute with your well-loved pets. We know that the best thing you can give them is your undivided attention.
We focus on the future
We love engaging with pet owners like us in conversations about the values we all share when it comes to pet care. All pets are unique, and the times we share together are not only precious but also valuable learning moments to understand our pets even better.
A pet owners’ dream is for their pets to be able to tell them exactly what they need, and with innovative data and technology, PAWAii can help make that happen. You and your pet are just as much a part of the conversation about the future of pet ownership and together, we can elevate the potential for pet care with new opportunities and broadened possibilities.
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