Interactive Flying Disc for Dogs
Interactive Flying Disc for Dogs
Interactive Flying Disc for Dogs
Interactive Flying Disc for Dogs
Interactive Flying Disc for Dogs

Interactive Flying Disc for Dogs

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About this item
  • Interactive Flying Disc for Pets - The dog flying disc is suitable for your pets to play with by the seaside and in the park. With a diameter of 9.25 inches, the flying disc floats properly and is ideal for medium and large dogs.
  • Soft and Tooth-friendly - The interactive dog toy is made from safe EVA materials. The dog flying disc is soft and will not harm your dog’s teeth or mouth. The dog toy doesn’t deform even after prolonged use or high pressure.
  • Lighter Mass, Steady Flying - With its aerodynamic streamline design, the interactive dog toy can effectively reduce wind resistance and fly farther and steadily once you throw the flying disc into space.
  • Multifunctional and More Convenient - All you have to do is turn over the flying disc for dogs, and the interactive dog toy becomes a bowl for holding food or water during outings. Now you can replenish the strength of your dog anytime.
  • Bright and Vibrant Color - The bright and vibrant red color of the flying disc improves the visibility of your dog, making your dog enjoy its playtime.
  • A Balance Between Play and Exercise - Moderate exercises will optimize your dog’s mood and make it physically stronger. The flying disc for dogs perfectly offers a perfect balance between games and training. Playtime brings out the fun side of your dog, and better interactions strengthen the bond between you both.
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Interactive Flying Disc for Dogs
Do you experience these problems with your dog's flying disc?
Inferior materials, unsafe to use
Hard materials, harming your dog's gum
Non-bite resistant, poor durability
Poor flight property, poor floatability
Interactive Flying Disc for Dogs
Better and Steadier Flying
0.2 lbs weighs, longer hangtime
Note: Make sure the convex side of the flying disc faces upward during use for longer hangtime.
Chew-proof & Easy on Teeth
Safe EVA material
Lead-free and BPA-free
Constant Happiness
Constant Happiness
Above ground or in water
3-in-1 Multiple Functions
Used for playing, feeding and drinking
Easy on Teeth
connecting everything
9.25" diameter
Applicable Targets
Medium and large dogs 
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it harmful for my dog's health?
No. The flying disc adopts safe EVA materials,soft and flexible,lead-free and BPA-free,with no harm to the dog’s teeth and health.
How to teach my dog to play?
You can start with slow throwing to motivate your dog. At first, your dog may let the disc hit the ground prior to retrieving it. You must be patient in this practice. Promote your dog’s drive to hold the disc. After 100 or more throws, the dog can grab the disc out of the air.
Can I use the flying disc in the pool?
Yes. The flying disc is water-proof and can float in water.
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