Adding more playtime can enrich your pet’s life. Interactive pet toys will help strengthen the bond between you and your furry pals.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Is Your Dog Destructive?
You would be surprised to see a well-arranged home transformed into the ruins by your furry pal. But this is not strange –it is your dog’s way of showing emotions. A destructive dog spares almost nothing – shoes, cables, sofa, waste bins, and carpets.
How to Deal with A Destructive Dog?
Here are some practical tips to help keep your dog safe, as well as your property;
  • Meet your dog’s primary needs, especially in exercising and attention.
  • Engage in obedience training, co-playing with other pets, and other behavioral training.
  • Buy safe and fun chew toys that keep your dog occupied in your absence.
  • Design and stick to a predictable routine that makes your dog comfortable.
  • Reward your furry pals with their favorite treat for showing good behaviors.
If you ever meet your dog while chewing destructively, try to shift their attention to safe chewing items. Ensure you do this calmly and never punish the dog for this behavior. You can take your pup outside and play with him.
How to Teach Your Dog to Play with a Flying Disc?
You can start with slow throwing to motivate your dog. At first, your dog may let the disc hit the ground prior to retrieving it. You must be patient in this practice. Promote your dog’s drive to hold the disc. After 100 or more throws, the dog can grab the disc out of the air.
Are Dog Treat Dispenser Good for Dogs?
Some dog owners may worry about weight gain from extra food if they use treat ball. In fact, you can use these toys to feed your dog’s regular diet. If you feed dry kibble, just toss it in and you’re good to go. Invest in a dog treat dispenser can help your furry friend release energy.
How to Teach A Dog to Use a Treat Dispenser?
It’s very simple. Just load your treats into the food toy, show it to your dog, and tip it so a treat falls out. Encourage him to sniff and paw at the toy. If your dog has been taught to target, you can use the “touch” cue to get him to push at the ball with his nose.