Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Ball
Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Ball
Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Ball
Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Ball

Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Ball

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About this item
  • Intelligent Food-dispensing Toy - Your pet dog will get smarter by playing the intelligent dog ball and can learn how to roll the dog ball toy to get treats or food.
  • Ultra-durable, Easy to Clean - With the thick natural rubber, your dog’s strong bite force will not break the dog rubber ball. The dog toy ball also helps them to grind and clean their teeth. The dog ball is very easy to clean, does not contain BBP, DBP and other harmful substances and cannot breed bacteria, etc.
  • Irregular Design - Thanks to the irregular design, the dog toys ball is not easily lost by rolling. You can leave it to roll around, even underneath the sofa and the table. The ball for dogs is easier to find and bite for your dog.
  • Just For Fun - The ball for dogs is an interactive dog toy and the best dog toy to keep them busy. Get ready for bonding & fun with your dogs, encourage your dog to be more active and slower to eat, and keep your dog active all day long to improve your relationship with it.
  • Only for Medium and Large Dogs - The diameter of the dog ball is 3.35 inches. The dog ball toy is not suitable for small dogs, but perfect for medium and large dogs. Please refer to the size of your dog when purchasing.
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Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Ball
Fun & Eating Well Balanced
Fun & Eating Well Balanced
Slow feeding & Clean teeth & Increase IQ & Enjoyable
Slower & Healthier Feeding
It allows your dog to learn how to get treats by rolling, which makes your dog eat fun and get smarter.
Slower & Healthier Feeding
Never Worry about Loss Any More
Never Worry about Loss Any More
With the irregular surface, the ball has higher friction.
Better Interactions
The IQ treat ball helps your dog to follow his nature and also strengthens your bond with your pet.
Better Interactions
Stronger in Materials
Stronger in Materials
The ball is made from safe and non-toxic materials and is not easy to puncture.
Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Ball
Frequently Asked Questions
What should I put in the treat ball for dogs?
You can fill the ball with your dog’s favorite treats. Works great with kibble, carrots, apples, or any of your pup’s favorite snacks! The ball only allows your pet to eat what is dispensed when he rolls it.
Are dog treat dispenser toy good for dogs?
Some dog owners may worry about weight gain from extra food if they use treat ball. In fact, you can use these toys to feed your dog’s regular diet. If you feed dry kibble, just toss it in and you’re good to go.
How do I teach my dog to use a treat ball?
It’s very simple. Just load your treats into the food toy, show it to your dog, and tip it so a treat falls out. Encourage him to sniff and paw at the toy. If your dog has been taught to target, you can use the “touch” cue to get him to push at the ball with his nose.
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