Smart Pet Feeder
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Buy Now $99.99
4.1 Ib
HIPS, ABS, 304, stainless steel
101.4 oz
Operating Mode
Max. Meals
Max. Portions
Battery Backup
3x D batteries
Network Type
Connecting Mode
Recommended Pets
Cats, small dog breeds
What's in the Box?
Lid Assembly | Food Barrel | Main Unit | Food Bowl | Power Adapter | Desiccant An additional purchase of batteries is required for this product.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does the absence of WiFi affect the normal operation of a Smart feeder?
No, it won't. Smart feeders will dispense food according to the pre-set meal times regardless of the presence of WiFi.
How much pet food can be dispensed in a day at most?
1~30 meals per day 1~9 portions per meal
How to create a feeding schedule?
Open the app and tap on the Feeding Schedule. You can set the feeding times and portion sizes.
Can a smart feeder work properly if there is a power outage?
Yes, you can purchase three D batteries as a backup power system.
Will the food pile up in the bowl and spill out?
No, it won't. Smart feeders have infrared detection systems that prevent food from piling up. If there is already food in the bowl, the smart feeder will not dispense more until the existing food is consumed.
How often should desiccants be replaced?
The desiccants should be replaced once a month.
Do pets chew on electrical wires?
Most pets do not chew on electrical wires. The wires of smart feeders are designed with bite-resistant features, so you don't have to worry about pets getting electrocuted.
Which Feeder Is the Best for You?
PAWAii Smart Pet Feeder
Feeding Report
Food Residue in Food Bowl
Improved Dispensing Wheel
Accurate Dispensing
Sealed Dispensing Outlet
Low Battery & Food Shortage Reminders
PAWAii Automatic Pet Feeder
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