How to Use PAWAii Automatic Pet Feeder?

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Automatic Pet Feeder

Never miss a meal again with the PAWAii Automatic Pet Feeder, designed to keep you and your furry companion on schedule. You can now leave the house with peace of mind with the feeder’s enhanced timer ensuring automatic feeding.

In addition, our feeder features all-round sealed protection and an anti-jamming design, ensuring your pet eats healthily and safely. There is also a customizable 10-second voice playback that guarantees your pet will always eat on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Would a cat be able to reach his paw up and get food to drop?
  • No. PAWAii Automatic Pet Feeder features an extended dispensing channel and a self-closing dispensing outlet to prevent your pet from digging.
Does this feeder help keep food airtight?
  • Yes. The feeder is designed with a seal on the lid, a built-in desiccant box, and a self-closing outlet that work together to keep the pet food fresh and moisture-free. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended that the desiccant be replaced every 30 days. dispenser or base. Of course, it can be used during charging.
Can I shut off the feeder without losing the feeding schedules?
  • Yes. The feeding schedule remains in place even if the power cord is unplugged or there is a sudden power outage. You don't have to redo the schedule when the power returns.
How long will it last under the battery-operated mode?
  • The backup battery can support up to 48 servings/6 cups, but the duration may vary depending on your meal schedule. (Please note that batteries are not included with the order.)
How long will the desiccant bag work?
  • The built-in desiccant in the PAWAii Automatic Pet Feeder can effectively absorb moisture for up to 30 days. A desiccant replacement alert displays an E-02 error on the interface as a reminder to replace it. Prompt replacement ensures optimal performance.