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PAWAii Smart Pet Feeder
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With the PAWAii Smart Pet Feeder, you'll never miss a meal for your furry friend again. This feeder is specifically designed to help you and your pet stick to a regular feeding schedule. Additionally, you can check your furry baby’s good intake on your phone. Thanks to its enhanced timer, you can leave the house with confidence, knowing that your pet will be fed on time.

The feeder comes with all-round sealed protection and an anti-jamming design, which ensures that your pet will eat safely and healthily. With this feeder, you can rest assured that your pet will always be well-fed, even if you're not home.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any difference between this pet feeder and a common pet feeder?
  • With a proprietary APP, this pet feeder monitors your pet's feeding status in real time, keeping you informed of your pet's health anytime, anywhere. The feeder also features smooth dispensing and weight calibration to help pets eat regularly. In addition, its food barrel lid and dispensing outlet are both sealed to keep pet food fresh always.
What is “pet intake monitoring”?
  • You can get accurate data on how long, how much, and how often your pet is eating, and the data is accessible anywhere and anytime from the Pawaii APP. You can also compare the intake data on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis to keep track of your pet's health.
Will it work without Wi-Fi? For example, if the Internet goes down or the power goes out, will it still feed on schedule when running on battery power only?
  • Yes. Once the feeding schedule is set, the feeder will retain its memory and feed your pet promptly as scheduled, even if the Internet goes down. In addition, the backup battery is designed to ensure that food is accessible even when the power is off.
Will a cat be able to raise his paw up and get food to drop?
  • No. PAWAii Smart Pet Feeder features an extended dispensing channel and a self-closing dispensing outlet to prevent your pet from digging.
Will this feeder help keep food fresh?
  • Yes. The feeder is designed with a seal on the lid, a built-in desiccant box, and a self-closing outlet that works together to keep the pet food fresh and moisture-free.
How long will it last under the battery-operated mode?
  • The backup battery can dispense up to 48 portions/6 cups, but the duration may vary depending on your meal schedule. (Please note that batteries are not included with this order.)
How long will the desiccant pack work?
  • The built-in desiccant in the PAWAii Smart Pet Feeder can effectively absorb moisture for up to 30 days. A desiccant replacement alert will be displayed on the APP as a reminder. Please replace it promptly to ensure optimal performance.
How to maintain this feeder?
  • For your pet’s health, we recommend washing the stainless-steel bowl every 1-2 days and replacing the desiccant in time. The feeder requires no special maintenance and should be placed on a horizontal plane away from high temperatures and humidity.